Wineries in Manson, WA


There are a total of 18 wineries in Manson, WA as of early 2022. Manson, as well as the larger Lake Chelan area, have experienced tremendous growth in wineries over the years. While grapes have been grown for over 100 years in the area, commercial production began in 1998 and has really taken off the last 15 years.

Wineries in Manson, WA are part of the Lake Chelan American Viticultural Area (AVA), which comprises 24,040 acres. The area is known for a more moderate climate compared with the rest of the Columbia Valley, both due to the lake effect as well as the higher elevation - the AVA is over 1,000ft above sea level. Hence you may find grapes at Manson vineyards, such as Pinot Noir and Tannat, which are not found elsewhere in the Columbia Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA).

Wineries in Manson, WA are spread along the North shore of the Lake, and you will also find a cluster of tasting rooms within the downtown area of Manson. Many of the tasting rooms outside of the downtown area of Manson have views of Lake Chelan (or one of the smaller nearby lakes like Roses and Wapato), including Amos Rome, Succession Wines ,Cairdeas Winery and Lake Chelan Winery. In the downtown Manson area, you will find a number of the wineries such as Alta Cellars and Wine Girl Wines that have live music and other events during the summer.

Wineries in Manson, WA don’t have as many dining options as you will find on the South Shore, however that is changing. Wapato Point Cellars has an excellent restaurant with a great outdoor dining setup, Lake Chelan Winery hosts an outdoor BBQ dinner every Saturday during the summer which quickly sells out and Benson Vineyards is home to Cafe Myth.

Use the list below to find the location of the winery, or click on the map to see which winery is at the location. If you are interested in wineries the greater Lake Chelan area, go to our Wineries in Chelan page.

Alta Cellars

Amos Rome Vineyards

Ancestry Cellars Manson Tasting Room

C.R. Sandidge Wines

Cairdeas Winery

CheVal Cellars

CheVal Cellars - Winery

Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards

Lagrioth Winery

Navarre Coulee Vineyards

Radiance Winery

Radiance Winery - Downtown

Skagit Cellars - Manson

Succession Winery

Tildio Winery

Tipsy Canyon Winery

Vibe Cellars

Vibe Cellars Tasting Room