Seattle has a large number of soccer fields spread amongst the various parks and schools in the city. Some of the newer fields have turf, providing the optimal place to play during the rainy winter season.


Seattle Soccer Fields


Gilman Park Soccer Fields

The Gilman Park playfields share a space between baseball and soccer throughout the year - the grassy areas of the playfield serve for soccer games of kids of various ages. As of 2022, there were two regulation sized goals off to the side that are moved out onto to the field for games, and you may find smaller moveable goals positioned on the playfield as well depending on the season.
Neighborhood : Ballard| Field Type : Grass| Lights : No

Jefferson Park Soccer Fields

The Jefferson Park playfield is a turf field in the Southwestern corner of the park that contains both a soccer field as well as a baseball field. The playfield has lights, and is lined as a full sized soccer field. There are typically a number of additional soccer goals positioned around the outskirts of the field, and oftentimes recreational leagues and pick up games are played on smaller portions of the field. Jefferson Park also has a large grassy area in between the skate park and the Beacon Hill Food Forest, which often has a couple of soccer goals; however the field is not lined for soccer.
Neighborhood : North Beacon Hill| Field Type : Turf/Grass| Lights : Yes

Woodland Park Soccer Fields

Woodland Park has two lined turf fields (referred to as Playfield #2 and Playfield #7) located in the lower section in the Eastern edge of the park and are accessed off of West Greenlake Lake North. The fields are lighted, and you often see school and recreational leagues using the lighted fields at night. While reservable for groups, these fields (at least Playfield #2) are available for small groups to use when not reserved.
Neighborhood : Green Lake| Field Type : Turf| Lights : Yes