Bitter Lake Reservoir Open Space


fitness equipmentplay structurep-patchlawn

Neighborhood : Broadview
Acreage : 2.9
Administered : Seattle Parks and Recreation

The Bitter Lake Reservoir Open Space makes creative use of the area surrounding the Bitter Lake Reservoir (which is fenced off and not open to the public). The park features a fitness zone which was established in 2013, with four pieces of low-impact cardio equipment and strengthening machines available to work out on : Free Runner Station Flex Trainer Station, Leg Lift Station and Sit-Up Bench Station.

The park also features a playground with a slide and a climbing structure. To the West of the playground is the Bitter Lake P-Patch Community Gardens, 15,000 sq. ft. plot with 29 beds. To the East of the reservoir is a trail through the open space, with a mixture of lawn and vegetation.

Fitness equipment